I have a leak in my bathtub

Jacob M

We broke the piece under the tub where the drain is. Need your plumbing expertise to come and fix it. Thanks!

Ervin N

I would like to have a new garbage disposal installed.

Abbe H

Need hot and cold lines (PEX), and drain pipes moved to fit new bathroom double sink vanity. Need a toilet set. Thanks

Paul R

We have a kitchen sink that does not let the water come on all the way and just shuts off? Also, we have a shower that takes forever to drain. we have tried to unclog it but nothing works?

John P

My house is built slab on grade. I am looking at a project that would install a shower stall approx. 8 feet from my existing drain. This would entail jackhammering through @3-1/2" concrete to lay the drain pipe and venting. I would also need the concrete work to cover up the pipe and create the sloped floor for the shower stall that would be tiled later.

Guy D

I have a Reverse Osmosis Kit that I’m trying to plumb into the house. The main objective is to use the R/O water as a supply to my salt water aquarium. The secondary objective would be to pipe a secondary line to the kitchen sink. I already have a water filter on my refrigerator so the kitchen sink is not important. Considerations: 1.)Whether or not to use a saddle valve on a cold water supply line or to use another method based off of the latest building codes. 2.)Providing sufficient thermal coating or pipe sleeves to protect R/O plastic water source hoses from freezing in the crawl space under the house. 3.)Installing a stop valve above deck in the living room close to the R/O unit for maintenance periods.

James B

I would like a quote on replacing my gas, 50 gallon, hot water heater unit. Price should be all-inclusive with removal of existing tank. Thanks.

Gregg R

I want to have a dishwasher installed in my apartment. Thanks.

Todd G

I need an estimate for drain cleaning of the bathroom faucet and bath tub. Also, need the water pressure checked for faster flow of the hot water. I may need a new shower installed but am not sure.

Kenyae G