I have a new faucet for my kitchen and I need someone to take out the old one and install the new one.

Tim N

We want to Remodel our bathroom shower to be handicap accessible. No Tub. Shower enclosure to be of corian, swanstone or other suitable easy to clean material. NO grout joints! Joints to be epoxy to be both invisible and leak proof. Swing in/out frameless shower glass door entrance with zero threshold, Hand held High/Low adjustable height showerhead. Water control valve controls temperature and pressure separate. Bathroom shower space available is 44” deep 82” wide 74” in height below window. Ceiling 9 ft. The bathroom floor is ceramic tile. House built on slab in year 2007. Single level with red brick exterior. Bathroom back and left walls are along the outside brick walls in the southeast corner of house.

Raydean D

Sewer line has been a problem for years. It's time to dig it up.

Dave B

Our toilet's bolting to the ground has come undone. So, neither side of our toilet is held onto anything...

Gordon S

I am in the process of opening a deli and i need a plumber to come in and create a direct water line so i can install a sink to open the deli.

Christian G

I have a leak on the house side of my water meter, at the first connection, right past the meter.

Ron H

We have at least three (3) sinks that need to be unclogged and run smoothly. We would also like to have a hand-held sprayer put onto one of our bath tub showers. Thank you.

Wayne C

In need of a plumber, we are remodeling our kitchen

Steve C

Just installed a new bath tub(second floor) and the drain pipe/fitting is off center to the right of the tub hole by approxamtely 3-4 inches. There is no give left on the piping to make it fit. It is all PVC schedule 40 pipe and I think 2 inch diameter??; and is all glued on every joint with PVC glue/the vent pipe seems to fit but is canted ever so slightly so it dosn't fit well; I believe it needs to be extended 1 inch?? I need the Tub plumbed correctly. The copper pipe/spout is too low on the water action and needs to be raised approxametly 3 inches and the water action needs to be raised about 4 inches/It is all braised copper pipiping; 1/2 inch I think, and has compression fittings on the top of the water action (copper pipe going to the shower head)-That needs to be adjusted as well to fit on the new souround I am putting in.

Stephen F

I'd like a quote to install a InSinkErator Badger 100. Mine is old and leaking internally. The pipes are fine. Need someone to come out and install as soon as possible. Thanks!

Jeremy C